Fiberglass Swimming Pools In Gauteng

At Town House Pools our mission is to provide your family with the perfect fiberglass swimming pools regardless of shape, style or size! With that in mind we offer a great selection of quality, Pre-moulded fiberglass swimming pools. Our passion is making your dream of owning fiberglass swimming pools a reality. Our fiberglass pools are made with the highest quality materials available and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. All of our fiberglass pools are designed to be maintenance friendly and too require fewer chemicals than others on the market today. This forward-thinking design allows you decades of enjoyment without costing you valuable time and money.

With the advent of the smaller properties came the need for a smaller pool which the Phoenix Pool Range did not accommodate. The Result is the Townhouse Pools range. The company manufactured the first pool in 1969, making it the oldest and most respected pre-moulded fibreglass pool company in South Africa.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools Benefits

  • Low Maintenance: At this point, it has become an accepted fact in the swimming pool industry that fiberglass pools are easier to maintain, especially when compared to a concrete swimming pool. a far cry from what many people believe it takes to keep a pool pretty, clear, and clean.
  • No Liner Replacements, Acid Washing: Most vinyl liners inground pools have to have their liner replaced every 7-11 years, and sometime this number is much worse. As for concrete pools, they often need at least an acid wash every few years, and many have to be resurfaced around the 15-year mark as well, which is a huge expense.
  • Ease of Installation: With a vinyl liner pool, the ambient temperature has to be a certain level for the liner not to wrinkle when installed. With concrete, rain and cool/hot temps can also wreak havoc. But with fiberglass pools, the installation is rarely affected by these types of uncontrollable acts of Mother Nature.

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Size: 2.75 m by 1.65 m

Depth: 0.85 m

Volume: 3 500 litres


Size: 3 m x 2 m
Depth: 1.2 m
Volume: 7 500 litres


Size: 3 m by 3 m
Depth: 0.8 to 1.3 m
Volume: 8 000 litres


Size: 3.65 m by 2.45 m
Depth: 0.92 to 1.35 m
Volume: 9 000 litres


Size: 7/8/9m by 2m
Depth: 1.35 m
Volume: 11 000 litres


Size: 5 m by 2.5m
Depth: 0.85 to 1.35 m
Volume: 12 500 litres


Size: 4.5 m by 2.9 m
Depth: 0.88 m to 1.3m
Volume: 13 500 litres


Size: 5 m by 3 m
Depth: 0,9 to 1.4 m
Volume: 17 000 litres


Size: 6 m by 3 m

Depth: 0.85 m to 1.55 m

Volume: 19 000 litres


Size: 6.2 m by 3 m
Depth: 0,85 to 1.6 m
Volume: 21 000 litres


Size: 6.5 m by 3.5 m
Depth: 0.95 m by 1.6 m
Volume: 22 500 litres