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The Townhouse Pool Range of Pre-moulded fibreglass Jacuzzi’s is manufactured by Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Products, the originators of pre-moulded fibreglass Jacuzzi’s in South Africa. The company manufactured the first pool’s & Jacuzzi’s in 1969, making it the oldest and most respected pre-moulded fibreglass Jacuzzi suppliers in South Africa. Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Products is the sole proprietor of the registered Townhouse pools Trade Mark and Logo with the South African Trade Mark Office in Johannesburg and is also a registered manufacturing member of the National Pool and Spa Institute of South Africa commonly know as the N.S.P. I.

Regular site inspections are carried out by Poly Phoenix Fibreglass to ensure the high standards of Quality and Service are carried through to you the customer ensuring your complete customer satisfaction.

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He Benefits of having a Jacuzzi

Improves sleep

Have you ever noticed how quickly you tend to fall asleep after taking a late night bath or a dip in the hot tub? When your body is cold, your normal sleeping pattern can be disturbed. When your body is comfortably warm, you tend to fall asleep quicker and rest through the night with fewer disruptions. As Jacuzzi suppliers, we understand this and offer a great range.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Along with making you feel temporarily relaxed, studies show that the combination of the hot water, the massage of the jets, and the feeling of weightlessness can significantly reduce both mental and physical stress and decrease anxiety. As Jacuzzi suppliers we understand this and offer a great range.

Reduces arthritic and chronic pain

For people suffering from skeletal ailments such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and other types of bodily aches and pains, spending time in the hot tub will typically provide some much-needed relief. Due to the buoyancy from the bubbles created by the tub’s jets, we feel our own weight disappear, our blood circulation increases with the heat, the tightness in our muscles relaxes, and inflammation in our sensitive joints is reduced. As Jacuzzi suppliers we understand this and offer a great range.

Good for your health

While further studies are still recommended, initial research indicates that spending time in the jacuzzi may actually lower the blood sugar level of people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

In addition to lowering levels of your blood sugar, relaxing in the hot tub can also lower your blood pressure.

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